Pet Store brand photography session

Simple Brand photography guidelines for Pet Stores

Hi there, it’s Tizi again.

This time, I’d like to give you some simple tips on how to run a Pet store Business Brand session to capture their brand identity.

This summer, I was on holiday in Sardinia (Italy), visiting my family (I’m originally from this beautiful island), when I had the amazing opportunity to do a Brand photo session for a local Pet store.

Cino Service Pet store is located in Olbia, a lovely town in north-east of Sardinia. The store has been operating for the last 20 years. It is 250m2, spread into 2 levels.

Pet Store Business Brand Session
Pet Store Business Brand Session

How I prepare my brand session

First, I plan the shoot

The story of your Business – The story of Cino Service

What I love the most, is learning about your business, its services and goals.

In a Brand Photography session, I tell the story of your business. This story wants to show pictures of your brand that appeal to your ideal clients. This enables them to know, like and trust you. Therefore, book your service or products.

Every business is unique. That’s why I take the time to understand your business and then create a bespoke session for you. I’ll then create beautiful images for you to use on your social platforms, website or for printing material.

Cino Service is well known for its high-quality pet products and furry pets and fishes. It is also known for its commitment to providing excellent customer service.

Three elements were then made the focus of attention:

  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff
  • Wide variety of pets and pet products
  • Clean and inviting atmosphere

Second, we shoot

What happens during the photoshoot

The photo session is conducted in a way that does not disrupt your daily operations. I’ll always try my best to capture natural moments that reflect your brand and resonate with your customers.

In the specific case of Cino Service, I started by taking photos of the staff during their normal working routine. E.g. filling up the shelves and looking after the pets.

I was a fly on the wall, a silent observer who was very careful to not interrupt their work. This enabled me to capture the friendly atmosphere within them.

Customers came in, some with their pets, while others simply to ask for advice or buy food for their animals. I then captured the moment of the staff interacting with the customers and their pets. I wanted to show how much they love animals. How dedicated they are to helping pet owners find the best products for their furry friends.

While going around the shop floor, I took photos of the different sections. The photos showed the wide variety of products available. I wanted to show that Cino Service has everything pet owners need. These supplies range from food and toys to beds and grooming supplies.

Third, I edit the images

How I edit my Brand session’s images

I generally conduct a very light edit on all the images. I first open them in Lightroom. Then, I retouch the exposure and reduce highlights to bring out the details in the shadows. I bump up the vibrance and saturation when needed. And to finish, I slightly increase the contrast, and sharpen the images to make them pop. If anything extra is needed I will use Photoshop.

For Cino Service, I was after a series of photos that look bright and inviting.

Also, I added a black and white version of a couple of photos of Gabriele, the owner and manager of the store, to make him stand out.

Furthermore, I created a few graphics for them to use on FB and IG. Visibility is extremely important for businesses and I believe that graphics add something extra.

Pet Stores' staff interacting with the customers
Pet Stores' member of the staff showing a little pet sold in the shop

I hope you enjoyed reading about my Pet Store Brand Strategy session.

I’m really happy with the results of the shoot. I think the photos capture the essence of Cino Service’s brand identity. They are friendly, inviting, and informative. They will help the store attract new customers and keep their existing customers coming back.

If you’re a pet store owner, you should consider hiring a brand photographer to capture the brand identity in your photos.

Photos are a powerful way to communicate your brand’s message to potential customers. They can help you stand out from the competition.

I hope this blog post has been helpful. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

To find out more about my Brand sessions, have a look at my IG page: degrini_brand_photography

I’d love to hear from you 😊


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