Special Occasion session

Fun and Relaxed Oxfordshire Special Occasion session

“Tiziana is special, her works are amazing and I have never had so many beautiful pictures of my son! I recommend deGrini Photography for the high quality of the pictures and the professionalism, but always with kindness and much fun.”
- Anna -

Are you planning a big celebration for your child?

Let me capture Your Special Day!

Special Occasion session includes: studio events portraits, such as Birthdays, Cake smash, First Holy Communion, Confirmation, etc.

More in depth about the session:

Birthday session


  • Fun and natural style photography. Included there will be balloons and simple birthday decorations. 
  • It is up to 3 people: the birthday child and 2 siblings or parents.

Cake smash

  • Decoration will be simple to focus on the birthday child. This will also help the baby no to get distracted. 
  • Cakes won’t be supplied to avoid any issues caused by allergies.  
Holy Communion studio photo

First Holy Communion and Confirmation

  • Traditional and timeless style photography. 

A typical Holy Communion session includes:

  • 2 portraits of the child
  • A portrait of the child with parents and sibling

My 3 easy steps to create a relaxed and enjoyable experience:

  1. Pre-shoot conversation
  2. Planning your dream session
  3. Enjoying your session

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