Tell your story, I'll help you RELAX and LOOK your best!

“I chose Tiziana for my maternity photoshoot after seeing some of her amazing works on Instagram. One week before the photoshoot we discussed my favourite poses and colours. The most beautiful photos were with fabrics that she combined in different ways to create a floaty image. I strongly recommend deGrini photography for a maternity photoshoot and I’m looking forward to going back when my baby will be born.”
- Maura -

Do fatigue, nausea, or stretch marks make you hesitant about having maternity photos?

Studio maternity session of a pregnant woman with a pink chiffon fabric around her body. She is standing in front of a white background, profile posed but facing the camera. She is touching her belly with both hands and softly smiling.

What if I remind you that your pregnancy lasts 9 months and this is your only chance to have your beautiful bump photographed? 

Pregnancy can give you difficult moments but it’s all for the most amazing reason, to create your baby.  

Maternity photo session doesn’t have to be stressful.

How I help you RELAX and LOOK your best during your photo session:

At deGrini photography, I created 3 easy steps to make our photo session running smooth and your beauty and personality shine through:

1 – Pre-shoot conversation: When and How 

2 – Planning your dream session: Solo or with Partner/Family? What do I wear? You’ll have exclusive access to my collection of maternity gowns and dresses in different colours and sizes.

3 – Enjoying your session: I use a series of poses to make you feel comfortable so I can easily capture your happiness, beauty, and excitement.

Maternity gowns for photo session

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Baby Monthly Growing

In the blink of an eye your baby is not baby anymore?

Let’s capture their growth through monthly photos.

This is more than just a visual diary, it’s a way to freeze and treasure the fleeting moments of their infancy.

How it works:

1 – Booking: When booking your Maternity session, I offer the amazing Monthly Growing photos, with an additional price of ONLY £20 per session.

2 – Time: From bump photoshoot, then follows every month photo up to the first birthday. 

3 – Session: Each session lasts 10-20 minutes. I’ll take a few photos, I’ll choose the best one, and ONLY ONE digital photo will be delivered to you.  

At the end of the year, I’ll GIFT you with a digital collage of ALL 12 photos to celebrate your child’s first birthday.

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